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Wondered around the streets in Kolkata after really really long time and found this scene in one of the houses. Fast rising skyscrapers and rapidly diminishing old buildings make some of scenes hard to find.


Pondycherry is a small city in Southern India. Once a french colony, the place still offers its visitor glimpses of that in every corner. I was very lucky to spent a single day in a short trip to Chennai. The result: some wonderful memories, meeting some great people who never forget to smile and few photographs as well.

This place should be on your list when you visit South India next time; if not visited already!!


One of the recent pictures of my daughter while she was busy at playing

Darjeeling Diaries

Darjeeling is a town in West Bengal situated at an average elevation of around 2000 meters. This town came into prominence around mid 19th century when British when the colonial British administration set up a sanatorium and a military depot. With time and after Independence of India the place has changed a lot.

Although it’s still much known for the wide variety of superb tea gardens, for the people from plain in West Bengal it’s more than just a place or hill station. To many Darjeeling is an experience, a memory worth remembering.

I visited Darjeeling after quite a few years; around 4-5 years. Even the memories I had from that trip is almost lost in oblivion. This time though in last few months I managed to visit Darjeeling in via both planned and unplanned trips. The result – some great experiences, some unforgettable moments and lot and lots of fun. I would agree at the end of all these tours; Darjeeling will remain as a feeling or as an experience instead of the just being a place. To keep this memory alive I have compiled some pictures from the trips into an album called Darjeeling Diaries. Enjoy!



After my daughter was born around 1.5 years back our house has slowly become a house of dolls. As in any family, my wife frequents between our home and in-laws place. When my daughter is not at home I look at her dolls. They look so different compared to the time when my kid plays with them. It’s like either they are lifeless or they get into characters of their own. Out of this curiosity of looking at them in different ways I formed the series called Dollville; a world of the dolls. Link to the full series: http://www.anindyachakraborty.com/Portfolio/Dollville/27079509_mHs9fQ





Lost in the woods….

Few weeks back I got the chance to visit hills after long time. Darjeeling has been a favorite place of mine for long long time. This time while visiting I also managed some time in Lepchajagat. I loved it, sharing one photo from the place.


While going through old photographs came across this photo of my wife taken sometime back, around 2 years to be precise. Hope you like it.

Escape to Tajpur

I had to wait for a trip; I really had to wait. Not 1 or 2 months but almost 8-9 months for a trip with family.  Since I love to roam about all the time, it became even more unbearable for me to live normal life without any break for so long. So when I got the chance to hit the road again, the fun was unlimited. The destination was Tajpur, a beach next to Mandarmani in West Bengal, India. Before reaching the place the news was the place is very serene and devoid of people, just what I wanted. On reaching the place I came to know that the information was correct. A vast beach, miles to walk and no-one to disturb your peace that’s how I would explain Tajpur. Here are some photographs on the trip, I wanted to name them ‘the escape’. Hope you can relate to them.


A moment from Tajpur beach, west bengal

My work in exhibition ‘Eklektikos’

Recently two Kolkata based promising photographers: Ronny Sen and Akro Datto curated an exhibition called Eklektikos in Kolkata, India. In Seagull art gallery work of 11 photographers were displayed including Ronny and Arko’s too. They chose my series on Bodie – a ghost town in California for display in the exhibition. It gave me a good way to look back on a old series of mine and also the prints looks quite beautiful in gallery, without frames without glass…just the prints and viewers. Nothing in between.

Here is the link to the photographs for your viewing: http://smu.gs/PYjpdK