After long time

by anindya

I haven’t been able to blog for sometime now. I have been busy with other works so much that my photo taking activities also came down heavily. From last few weeks though I have been more and less back on track and it feels good to be back of sorts. As always I have been exploring lot of photographic works which I have not seen earlier in detail. I have been amazed by Daido Moriyama’s work recently. I happened to come across one book on Daidos work and then I purchased Takes of Tono from Amazon few days back. I have been thoroughly awed by his stories and his way of thinking. To me his pictures speak out in a very humane way. Some might call his works dark, grainy, processed…but hey it’s about his vision. To feel a city you have to feel it first…the good, the bad all of it and don’t think you should just portray just one section of it. 

I wish I had someway to get hold of his books in proper price in India. His books are excellent. I am also posting some of the links from youtube on his work, you may check them out. If you know some more interesting link please do share.


I have been to Purulia (a place in West Bengal, India) lately and worked on a set of images. Posting a link of that too.