Darjeeling Diaries

by anindya

Darjeeling is a town in West Bengal situated at an average elevation of around 2000 meters. This town came into prominence around mid 19th century when British when the colonial British administration set up a sanatorium and a military depot. With time and after Independence of India the place has changed a lot.

Although it’s still much known for the wide variety of superb tea gardens, for the people from plain in West Bengal it’s more than just a place or hill station. To many Darjeeling is an experience, a memory worth remembering.

I visited Darjeeling after quite a few years; around 4-5 years. Even the memories I had from that trip is almost lost in oblivion. This time though in last few months I managed to visit Darjeeling in via both planned and unplanned trips. The result – some great experiences, some unforgettable moments and lot and lots of fun. I would agree at the end of all these tours; Darjeeling will remain as a feeling or as an experience instead of the just being a place. To keep this memory alive I have compiled some pictures from the trips into an album called Darjeeling Diaries. Enjoy!