Escape to Tajpur

by anindya

I had to wait for a trip; I really had to wait. Not 1 or 2 months but almost 8-9 months for a trip with family.  Since I love to roam about all the time, it became even more unbearable for me to live normal life without any break for so long. So when I got the chance to hit the road again, the fun was unlimited. The destination was Tajpur, a beach next to Mandarmani in West Bengal, India. Before reaching the place the news was the place is very serene and devoid of people, just what I wanted. On reaching the place I came to know that the information was correct. A vast beach, miles to walk and no-one to disturb your peace that’s how I would explain Tajpur. Here are some photographs on the trip, I wanted to name them ‘the escape’. Hope you can relate to them.