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Month: September, 2012

Durga Puja is round the corner

After missing Durga Puja for 3 straight years, this year I am certain that I will be part of it. It feels great to be at home during these 5 days, Those who are not aware of what I am talking about, Durga Puja is the biggest holiday season in Eastern India. For 5 days we have the celebration and all over eastern part of India become even more alive with lights, joy and laughter. We mark the season of festival by change in weather. Here is one picture from the new season.


Escape to Tajpur

I had to wait for a trip; I really had to wait. Not 1 or 2 months but almost 8-9 months for a trip with family. ¬†Since I love to roam about all the time, it became even more unbearable for me to live normal life without any break for so long. So when I got the chance to hit the road again, the fun was unlimited. The destination was Tajpur, a beach next to Mandarmani in West Bengal, India. Before reaching the place the news was the place is very serene and devoid of people, just what I wanted. On reaching the place I came to know that the information was correct. A vast beach, miles to walk and no-one to disturb your peace that’s how I would explain Tajpur. Here are some photographs on the trip, I wanted to name them ‘the escape’. Hope you can relate to them.


A moment from Tajpur beach, west bengal

My work in exhibition ‘Eklektikos’

Recently two Kolkata based promising photographers: Ronny Sen and Akro Datto curated an exhibition called Eklektikos in Kolkata, India. In Seagull art gallery work of 11 photographers were displayed including Ronny and Arko’s too. They chose my series on Bodie – a ghost town in California for display in the exhibition. It gave me a good way to look back on a old series of mine and also the prints looks quite beautiful in gallery, without frames without glass…just the prints and viewers. Nothing in between.

Here is the link to the photographs for your viewing: http://smu.gs/PYjpdK