I love rain and fog

by anindya

The other day I was roaming in a local park in Piscataway. I like this part of the park even though it’s located within the city, it’s quite large. One section of the park has place for horse riding, the next section consists of zoo and children’s play area and finally there is this section with tennis courts and trails. As a result there are quite a few trees as well. The day was rather gloomy and I liked the formation of the trees in there. I did not have any camera with me apart than my iPhone. So I managed to click the below picture. I kind of like it.


Next day the sky almost break loose and morning was foggy. I generally go over two hills in order to reach my office (small ones). The top was looking super foggy and I was excited. Once I reached the top I noticed there are no cars around, so again I picked up my iPhone and took the following picture.


Love you iPhone!! Although the quality is not the greatest nor the options but atleast at times it helps to capture some good moments with little effects.