I’m excited about doing my first c41 tomorrow

by anindya

After working with tri-x and developing few rolls I feel more confident now and today I ordered Tetenal c-41 press kit from B&H to process my portra 120 and 220 films! I was certain that I wanted to develop the color ones in lab but then I thought if I am doing the bw already why not give c41 a try too! I should be able to get it by tomorrow and I feel it will provide just the level of spice I need during middle of week!

Recently I bought myself a book called Monographs of Diane Arbus.It was so great to read her writeup in the beginning of the book. There was so much insight. She wrote at one place that she does not get the meaning of a good composition…sometimes good compositions looked bad to her and vice versa. It was such a simple statement but so important. It makes you think as a photographer, for not getting stuck in one frame of mind or to be stuck with rules of the game as people call it. That many a times makes one predictable. The other photographer I am really delving on these days in Ernst Haas. He has so many stupendous photographs, most of the times they leave in me complete awe. Oh, I have not gone to his color photographs, yet!If you have some suggestion please feel free to suggest.