kodak tri-x

by anindya

In last few days I have developed few more Tri-X rolls, to be exact 5 rolls including one medium format. I wanted to scan them so badly that I ordered one cheap 8mp scanner from BHPhotovideo. I was watching documentary on Sally Mann where she mentioned that if you are having a block you just need to take ONE picture. If can be of anything. That was really a great idea. Yesterday after returning from office I saw my daughter doing a lot of new tricks and playing around in the home. I felt excited and took few pictures with my F-80. I could not wait to see the results and ended up developing them and scanning them till 3 am. But I felt it was well worth the effort when I saw the output. Some of the frames have come out really good and at least they are better than any other photo taken in last 1 month or so. I am not too pleased with the scan quality of the 8mp but I guess for 40-50 bucks you can’t expect for any better output. Wish I could buy the V700 with which I could have taken care of the medium format rolls as well. Now all I need is really put my head down to get some good frames so get over my photography block.