A day in Batsto Village and surroundings

by anindya

After visiting the ghost town outside Big Bend national park and specially Bodie ghost town in California I fell in love with them. I can still experience the feeling when I drove in Bodie ghost town after crossing several small hills. All of a sudden a vast area opened up and the town looked so lovely in it. Alas there is no way you can spend a night there unless special arrangements are made before. The environment, the eerie feeling all you can feel so well. 


After getting a long weekend I decided to search for ghost towns in New Jersey and soon I found one names Batsto Village which is around 80 miles from my home. I thought this would be a perfect chance to test out my newly acquired Hasselblad as well!! 

It look around 2 hours to reach the place and fortunately it was not over crowded. We first decided to walk in a trail to Batsto Lake (1 mile away) and eventually the trail itself would take us in the village. The village off course was no match for Bodie or Big Bend towns, given the surroundings really come into play a lot for places like this. What I liked though there are small houses where you can stay for couple of nights and they are right inside the village. That’s something which interested me a lot and if I get a chance it would definitely be a great experience to stay and photograph the place in night.

Unfortunately even though the park and lake seemed beautiful, my first outing with Hasselblad did not go that well. First I was able to expose only 4/5 frames out of 12 frames in the roll and then when I tried putting the second roll something went really bad and body jammed. The lens wont come out and  shutter wont clock either. Terrible feeling and to add to that I got myself a headache as well. Anyway I came back home, researched on net and found out that the shutter can be clocked by turning a small screw in the body. Another round of trip to Home Depot and I was all set to work on my 500CM. It did work and voila, am happy again!Image