Successfully developed my first kodak tri-x film

by anindya

I still remember vividly that when I picked up my first film camera an old minolta, I ordered some 120 films from BHPhotoVideo and upon receiving them got thoroughly confused. Then I realized my mistake and returned them back to get 35mm films :).

Years have passed after that and I gradually left Minolta, switched to Nikon and did not make those mistakes later, feel really funny now. I guess all of us have their own stories like this. Last time when I was in Texas, I tried my hands on medium format by using Mamiya RZ67 for couple of months. It was a magical piece of equipment and even though it was heavy I loved it. Unfortunately I could not strike same chord with it (I am more of a outdoor person when it comes to photography) and sold it off.

This time I gave medium format another serious thought. I felt digital to some extent did spoil me or I am unable to control myself. Sometimes I become shutter happy and take pictures without much thought i.e. I tend to not ask myself “why” am I taking this picture. I feel this is due to the fact that you just need to hit one button to delete the frame. No more thoughts. I compared this with situation when you have loads of money you seem to care less about odd 10 bucks here and there; you let them go. Anyway I deciced that I am going to give medium format another try but this time I should look for light ones. After pondering over mamiya6 and mamiya7 I decided for Hasselblad 500C/M with Zeiss 80mm F2.8 glass. I want to take pictures more cautiously, I want to develop them in my own hands and if possible someday I want to print them too — all by myself. I don’t want to put my images in next 10 minutes.

As a start I had quite a few rolls lying around, finished. I looked up in youtube and read some manuals and with butterflies in the stomach I ordered D-76 developer, tank, reels, darkroom equipment, thermometer, photoflo, kodafix, hypo-cleaning agent, beaker and other small things. Within 2 days thanks to wonderful response from BH my stuff arrived at my doorstep.

Oh boy! I was so thrilled. I quickly finished my holga film and with lots of confusions started bringing out the film from the reel.After an hour of effort when I finally completed washing them they came out – all blank :(. I was so so disappointed to see that. I read on net, it could by my fixer went bad or my film was not exposed properly due to camera issues. Generally I give up for the day, but I picked another film which was used in F80 and gave it another try. This time I was more swift and voila! finally I got what I wanted, my first developed film. I was so excited after so many days I could not believe it. Now I ordered a small scanner to scan to see which ones are keepers, which are not. Hope to post some of them here too!