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Month: December, 2011

Rice eating of my lill

In our custom we feed our child his or her first proper food in a ceremony called “annaprashan”. Both father and mother are not allowed to feed the baby for obvious reasons 🙂 otherwise how the priest will survive in this cruel world.

I was searching for some temples in our area where we can have it and I was amazed to find the charges for service quite high. Cmon people its just feeding one spoon to a kid. Anyway tomorrow it’s going to happen and we are happy! Little bit of personal blogging going on today.


It’s another weekend!!

It’s finally another Friday and the best day in the whole week in my opinion. This week I might go to NY again but am not totally sure that’s gonna happen. So I will keep my fingers crossed, soecially after last weeks short visit; it was surely fun. It’s getting cold though..thinks winter is finally getting started. Gotta rush to office now meanwhile my kid can read a book 🙂


From my apartment

iphone has really become one my fav ways to capture images. Not only you can get the feel of the place but also with the editings things look really neat! Not to downplay other camera advantages but I really like it as a medium


From laundry room


Finally started a blog, to note down small details. No anticipation photographs, memories as I go along. I hope you can ride with me too, just an informal way of keeping things together. Music, Photos, Videos….I will see how it goes.